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You have heard this before; I am an artist working out my mental health via artistry. The contrast of shadow surrounded by abstract color, sometimes music, sometimes spoken word.

Even If ur not ready for the Day

...It Can Not Always be Night ~ Gwendolyn Brooks

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August 6, 1965

Erika's Time Machine 2

Wet n Wild
the Urban Good Time

Yes These Seats
Are Occupied 1960

Siamese Vote
in honor of August 6, 1965

Before I was
a Martyr I was a Man

Meet the Artist

Just another uneventful autobiography of an artist you may or may not care about.

It has taken my entire lifetime to find myself again, someone I once knew and excelled at being. I wasted my youth trying to be something else. It made being myself feel more complicated. But I will just make myself at home in my own skin and see how it fits me and patiently see what happens being me.

Caution, my Journey as an artist, isn’t about high society or about universities or art schools where I should have studied, because I didn’t. Let’s start before preschool, me in a highchair, just barely potty-trained, ok ¿